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Solarize Kauai is a continuation of the lessons learned and progress made with Solarize Kekaha. This is a program designed to encourage the adoption of residential and commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems through a coordinated education, marketing and outreach effort, combined with a pricing structure that provides increased savings to homeowners and businesses as more people go solar. Solarize Kauai is a unique solar program that uses pre-selected installers and manufacturers to make going solar easy and affordable for all Kauai residents. If you haven’t done so already, watch the “What is Solarize Kauai” white board tutorial on the home page to learn what this is all about.

The Solarize program is based on a proven local model ( see our case study on Solarize Kekaha ) designed to bring down the cost of solar PV when customers sign up for a mass-quantity package. This is provided by the combined efforts of service providers, manufacturers and pre-screened installer’s. The more people who sign up to install solar, the more leverage is created and the longer we can provide the program for everyone who participates on Kauai. And because the installer, the product technology and the exact price of PV are provided upfront, it is much easier for residents and businesses to make the decision to go solar. Solarize Kauai does not solicit business or promote certain companies. Any specific manufacturer or installation firm has been pre-screened and selected to be used for the phase term we currently are in.

Quality Products

We use only the highest quality solar panels and materials in the business. Reliable, durable products you can count on.

Professional Team

Our team members are seasoned experts in the solar power field. With thousands of installations under our belts, our crew is second to none.

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What is Included

What is Included and Negotiated For This Program?

We have negotiated base package that includes a SunPower solar system that will produce up to 14-16 kWh (saves you $125-$145 per month if you consume all solar electricity during daylight hours). You have the choice to customize your system to tailor it to the KIUC bill you want to cover. You have the choice to make a full purchase and own your own solar system, or the choice to use the SunRun program. If you choose the ownership program you will be responsible for your own warranties (manufacturer warranties), insurance, and maintenance as well as processing your own tax credits.

If you choose the SunRun program, the package comes with a 20 year agreement that covers:

  • 100% of all Maintenance
  • All replacement parts
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Money-back guarantee on the performance of the system
Fully Customized or Larger by Request*

Packages Options: Choose One

SunPower 14-16kWh producing* system with a SolarEdge Hybrid Inverter with Micro Optimizers, and the SunPower Invisimount Racking and Flashing Kit. Complete Installation and Full Warranty package. This is for rooftop mount systems only. Ground-mount and complicated roof (Spanish tile, Japanese J-tile, flat roof etc) will need to be calculated by installation company.


SunPower 14-16kWh producing* system with a SolarEdge Hybrid Inverter with Micro Optimizers, and the SunPower Invisimount Racking and Flashing Kit. Complete Installation and Full Warranty package. 20 Year Maintenance, 20 Year Insurance Coverage, 20 Year, Replacement Coverage, 20 Year Money Back Guarantee on power production. SunRun processes tax incentives. Ground-mount and complicated roof (Spanish tile, Japanese J-tile, flat roof etc) will need to be calculated by installation company.

Optional Add On's

Tesla Powerwall 2.0

Solar Battery storage is now available. Costs not included in standard Solarize Kauai package. Speak with your project developer to custom design.

*actual production may vary depending on your properties location on the island, any shading on the property, and the direction of the panels.

Tesla Powerwall available through the Certified Installer: Rising Sun Solar  HI Lic. 28184

Why Choose SunPower Solar Panels?

Why Are SunPower Solar Panels the Most Reliable and Longest Lasting?

Solarize Kauai Products

Solar Product Manufacturer: SunPower

Making a selection for the type of solar products to use can be confusing and very tiresome.  It was for us!  Every manufacturer and installing company had their own story as to why they were “better than the other guys” and why you should “buy from them and not him”.  That’s completely understandable, different solar companies offer differences that they are passionate about, and this is why they are in business.  What is difficult is sifting through all the different manufacturers, the different installers, and all the different products they offer,  and whether its suitable for your property.

Kauai has many different climates all wrapped into one small island.  From the extremely hot and sunny areas on the westside, to the rainy and predominantly cloudy areas on the northshore.   We needed to find the products that were best able to handle and perform the most energy in all the area on Kauai.  Most importantly we needed to make sure the products had the best performance and warranty especially in such close proximity to the salt water.

So the process took a very long time, however in the end, all we had to do is ask 1 simple question.  What products are the top rated, and Why?  We knew if we had the mass amount of interest manufacturers would help us to get the pricing structure we needed.  So we decided to start with the highest rated, performing  and most long standing manufacturers.

After much research we settled on the products from SunPower.  It was of utmost importance to us that we work with only the highest quality and performing products for the packages offered to our families on Kauai.  There are many other brands and we understand they have their merits of quality and performance.  However, we wanted to ensure we got this right, the first time.  There is no going back to fix a bad decision, we had to have the best.

How Was the Installation Company Chosen?

Installation Company: Rising Sun Solar + Electric

In order to provide certain packages to the island a company needed to be able to meet our strict quality control and credential criteria.  They had to be fully licensed as an electrical contractor in Hawaii.  They had to employ their staff and NOT sub-contract labor.  They had to be fully insured and bonded. They had to be certified with NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). They were required to have an “A+”  Better Business Bureau rating.  They were required to have proven themselves with state and national award recognition.   The company needed to be able to provide the products (SunPower)  and the service provider programs (SunRun) that were negotiated.

We have to put our local families in the best situation for their children and generations to come. We wanted to make sure we had solar panel products that will not have warranty issues, failures, or loss of producing power as the years went along. The products that were offered to us guaranteed that these scenarios would never happen and would be replaced at no cost for at least 25 years if there was ever an issue.

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